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Citizens of the 20th Century VI
2023 Monotype


Rob Delamater

Entitled Citizens of the 20th Century VI, this 2023 monotype on paper portrait is by San Francisco artist and Lost Art Salon co-owner Rob Delamater (b.1966). Pieces can be purchased now, but must stay at the gallery through May 2nd (opening night of the show for these works) and will begin shipping the following week. His works are created using various forms of printmaking, painting, and collage. 

"My 'Citizens of the 20th Century' series was inspired by a remarkable book of photographs I discovered at a flea market in 2022. The images were made by German photographer August Sander (1876-1964). Sander photographed subjects from all walks of life (from brick layers to dancers, architects and farmers) and created a catalogue of more than six hundred photographs of the German people, giving them all equal dignity and respect. His photographic project was stopped by the Nazi government before he could complete it. I was deeply moved by these images and decided to create my own series of monotype prints (single prints using a painting and drawing technique in inks) based on specific Sander's images. I approached these unfamiliar images (often without even names) as sacred objects and used the act of painting them as a mode of rediscovery and revival - in a small way, carrying on Sander's noble and beautiful project."
- Rob Delamater, Co-Founder of Lost Art Salon

Monotype on Paper 
24.75"x30.75" framed, 22"x28" unframed 

Signed, titled and dated at the bottom. Excellent condition. Framed floating in a contemporary wood frame with a stained walnut finish using clear spacers and archival matting behind archival plexi-glass. Gottfried Brockmann.