Pinto Basin
1973 Watercolor


Olof Dahlstrand

Entitled Pinto Basin (Joshua Tree National Mont), this March 1973 watercolor landscape is by Olof Dahlstrand, who joined Carmel Art Association in 1984. Olof Dahlstrand received a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University in 1939. His long career as an architect earned him many awards. As an artist, he has painted continuously since retiring in 1984. Exhibition highlights include: Milwaukee Art Institute, San Fancisco Museum of Art, and the Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art. Dahlstrand has served on the Carmel planning Commission and as a Carmel City Councilman. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees for Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art and the Colonial Monterey Foundation. 

March 1973 
Watercolor on Paper 
19"x14" unframed 

Signed on the lower left. Signed, titled and dated on the back. Excellent vintage condition.