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Serene Watercolor Clouds & Sky
Mid-Late 20th Century



Mary Barnaš Pomeroy

This mid-late 20th century watercolor on paper landscape is by Mary Barnaš Pomeroy (1921-2010), a German-born California painter. She was a published botanical illustrator in Quito, Ecuador, where she lived and studied until 1946. Pomeroy studied Painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art from 1946-48 and worked as an illustrator at UC Berkeley before moving to Carmel Valley in 1956. She exhibited and traveled widely throughout the U.S., plein air painting in Carmel Valley, especially Soberanes Point, Point Lobos, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Pacific Grove, with her husband, Frederick Pomeroy.

Mid-Late 20th Century
Watercolor on Paper
14"x10" unframed

Estate stamped right. Excellent condition.