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The Fox And The Crow
1962 Woodcut



Hope Meryman

This 1960s woodcut on paper print entitled, The Fox And The Crow is by New York artist and illustrator Hope Brooks Meryman (1931-1975). Meryman was a master at capturing the feeling of a moment in large-scale woodblocks. Meryman traveled extensively in Europe, creating large landscapes and vignettes of her travels. Much of her work features scenes of New York. She studied extensively with Antonio Frasconi, John Groth, Seong Moy and George Grosz.

Woodcut on Paper
21"x37" framed, 10"x16" unframed

Inspired by La Fontaine Fable, The Fox And The Crow. Framed in a vintage wood frame with a gold border using warm white archival matting behind clear conservation glass.