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Gaétan Caron

  • Biography:
    Gaétan Caron is most inspired when surrounded by nature creating work that expresses what exists in the moment. His off-the-grid art studio is hidden in a small heirloom orchard, in the hills of Mendocino, California. Caron’s practice consists of oil on canvas, clay collage and oil on canvas, as well as fine art digital photography. Through these variety of mediums, Caron documents his connection to the land; earth, water, fire and air, as well as what he cultivates from within.  

    Gaétan Caron was born in Québec, Canada. He studied Ceramic Art at l’École de Céramique Bonsecours in Montréal. As the co-founder of Lost Art Salon in San Francisco, a gallery specializing in the rediscovery of 20th Century Fine Art, Caron collects the art of a multitude artists from that era. He has had numerous exhibitions at Lost Art Salon and other venues nationally. Caron lives and works in Northern California, San Francisco and Ukiah, Mendocino.

    Artist Statement:
    Nature is beauty. At first, I thought I was creating artwork to show the world how beautiful it is. I wanted for people to understand how precious nature is and cultivate the desire to keep our oceans, mountains, forests and land as the paradise it once was. I now understand this was utopic. Mankind has never really desired to go back in time. We have always used nature as a resource for our own needs. So why paint, why photograph and create art? Vincent Van Gogh expressed it brilliantly when he said “I paint to mark eternity.” I hope my depiction of the blossoms, the orchard and mountain scenes, the forest of madrones, the creeks running down into the valley, the Blue Oak on top of the hill, or the Pacific Ocean sculpting the cliffs of the Lost Coast will stay as a witness to what once was, definite moments becoming eternal.

    When I create, whether depicting the reflection of what is in front of me or what is inside of me, nothing else exists. The constant inner dialogue becomes silent. I breathe, letting life and energy circulate into my entire being. This gives my body the ease for me to mark eternity the way I experience it in the moment, reflecting who I am in the process.

    Note: Gaétan’s sustainably built home is covered in: 2014 SF Chronicle article “Back to the land” by Anh-Minh Le, Off the Grid Homes, case studies for sustainable living by Lori Ryker; Sunset Magazine November 2008, Kaleidoscope cabin: in the woods of Northern California; and Neverending StoryAnthology Magazine Summer 2011.

  • - Photo Material: Nikon D810, 70-200mm, 24-120mm, Micro 60mm

    - All photographs are archival prints on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper signed and titled.

    - Custom framing available upon request – please contact us at our general email, or phone (415) 861-1530 order, please allow at least 14 days for printing, framing and shipping.


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  • “I try learning to speak and understand nature’s language by observing it with my senses. And it shows me what unlimited abundance looks like. Mère et mer is a visual poetry celebrating my mother who has mirrored to me fluidity, love, and creativity as a metaphor to the ebb and flow of the sea, the cycles of life.”

    -- Gaétan Caron

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