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Modernist Large-Scale Abstract
1981 Oil



Richard Caldwell Brewer

This 1981 oil on canvas large expressive is by second generation New York School artist Richard Caldwell Brewer (1923-2014). Brewer along with his charmed circle of artist friends, represent the lesser known art scene that emerged in the wake of Abstract Expressionism. Close friends and contemporaries with art world notables, such as Robert De Niro Sr., Nell Blaine, Leland Bell, and Samuel Wagstaff, Brewer's career is certainly that of a "painter's painter." His move to California in the 1950s brought him in touch with San Francisco's vibrant Beat poet scene, and he maintained his ties to NYC traveling between the two coasts regularly. A selection of his works on paper and writings are in the collection of the Bancroft Library at UC-Berkeley, an archive that also includes the work of Mark Twain and Joan Brown, among others. Much of his work has also been acquired by ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at the USC Libraries - the largest repository of LGBTQ materials in the world.

Oil on Canvas
38"x72.25" framed, 37"x71" unframed

Excellent vintage condition. Framed in a hand-built contemporary wood double lath frame with a silver interior lath and a black exterior lath.