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Portrait of Michael Partix
1943 Ink



Georgette London Owens

This 1943 ink on paper drawing entitled Portrait of Michael Partix is by French-American painter Georgette London Owens (b.1920). Owens was born in Paris and studied at École des Beaux-Art. She studied with the Cubist painter André Lhote for several years during WWII when Paris was under German occupation. She first held an atelier in Montparnasse adjacent to Alberto Giacometti. Picasso himself came to her first exhibition at Galerie Poirier and congratulated her. She exhibited throughout Paris in the late 1940s, at Musée D'Art Moderne, Le Palais de Tokyo, Musée des Beaux Arts, and the Salon des Indépendants. Owens moved to New York and exhibited at MOMA and several galleries on Madison Avenue. She met Salvador Dali, who became her mentor. Owens became an interior designer, first for Dali and then for clients such as Rex Harrison and Jackie Kennedy. She also designed jewelry and had a line commissioned by Pierre Cardin. In 1978 she moved to San Francisco and devoted all of her time to painting. In 1988, Owens founded the Alliance for Women Artists to help professional female artists exhibit both nationally and internationally. She continued to exhibit across Europe and traveled extensively. Owens lives in Marin County, California.

Ink on Paper
19"x23" framed, 12"x15" unframed

Signed and dated in the image area on the right. Good vintage condition with so0me stains throughout. Framed in a lightly restored Mid Century style vintage wood frame with heavy patina and stained linen inlay behind conservation clear glass.