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Primodial Movement
1958 Oil, Acrylic & Swedish Putty



Virginia Conroy

Entitled Primordial Movement, this 1958 oil, acrylic and Swedish putty abstract on board is by California artist Virginia Conroy (1922-2006). Singularly focused on the marriage of science, religion and art, Virginia Conroy spent over half a century imbuing her pieces with the spiritual energy latent in all living things. Conroy graduated from Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, CA, in 1944 with a degree in commercial art. While her education primed her for cartoon and fashion illustration, Conroy transitioned away from commercialism to represent Pierre Theilhard de Chardin’s theory of spiritual evolution. After moving to Monterey, CA in 1950, her art continued to capture the interconnected nature of science, spirituality, ethnicity, and the cosmos. Conroy’s exploration of humanity's collective evolution complemented the socially conscientious work of her sister, Pat Carey, and the renowned cartoons of her husband, Eldon Dedini.

Oil, Acrylic & Swedish Putty on board
20"x49" framed, 19"x48" unframed 

Titled on the back. Excellent vintage condition. Framed in a restored artist-built vintage lath wood frame.