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Rendition of The Last Supper Study
20th Century Gouache & Pencil



Leo Saal 

This mid 20th century gouache and pencil on paper rendition of The Last Supper is a study by Russian-born artist Leo Saal (1912-1996). Saal was born in Petrograd (now Saint-Petersburg), Russia shortly before the Bolshevik Revolution. He endured three years in The Gulag, and was captured by Germany during WWII. He worked in the circus and theater and was trained in photography and filmmaking. He moved to Washington DC when he was invited to work for the CIA in 1953. Throughout all this, and over six decades, Saal managed to draw, sketch, do printmaking, make collages and paint - often inspired by early references to turn-of-the-century Russian paintings. Recurring themes were frequently related to European history, the circus metaphor, mother and child, and the beach. Saal was primarily self-taught and created thousands of pieces with strong influences from Beckman, Picasso, Manet, Feininger, Velasquez and Goya. 

Mid 20th Century
Gouache and Pencil on Paper 
10"x7" unframed  

Estate stamped on the lower right. Excellent vintage condition.