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Linear Landscape
1959 Acrylic



Olof Dahlstrand

Entitled "Space Study No 2", this abstract 1998 acrylic on canvas painting is by Olof Dahlstrand (1916-2014) who joined Carmel Art Association in 1984. Dahlstrand (1916-2014) received a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University in 1939. He is considered a canonical figure in the conception and execution of significant works of the golden age of California Modernism. As a fine artist, he drew and painted throughout his life and then continuously after he retired in 1984. Exhibition highlights include: Milwaukee Art Institute, San Francisco Museum of Art, and the Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art. He joined the Carmel Art Association in 1984. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees for Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art. An avid outdoorsman and explorer of rural California, much of his work skillfully captures the natural beauty of the West Coast with a stunning sense of realism and accuracy. Late in life he turned to abstraction, and his compositions reflect an architect’s interest in geometry and order. 

February 1959
Acrylic on Wood Board
13"x11" framed

Initialed on the lower right. Signed and dated on the back. Excellent vintage condition. Framed in an original artist-built lath frame with cherry finish.