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Two Faces
Mid Century Oil on Paper Board



Diana Ferlini

This petit mid 20th century oil on paper board surreal portrait is by Mid Century Surrealist, Diana Ferlini Duncan (1911-1983). Born in Switzerland of Italian parents she immigrated to the US as a child, later moving to Hollywood where she began a serious pursuit of painting as an adult. Like many of the female Surrealists post WWII, Ferlini’s themes include: a feminine perspective on the Nuclear Family; the isolation of the new American home; the objectification of the female body; and left-leaning points of view on war, immigration and social issues.

Mid 20th Century 
Oil on Paper Board
8.5"x10" framed, 8"x9.5" unframed 

Framed in a contemporary wood frame with a gray wash finish. Excellent vintage condition.