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Gazing Relief
20th Century Brass Sculpture


David Warner

This 20th century sculpture is by American sculptor David Warner (1957-2021). Warner attended the University of Oregon and U.C. Santa Cruz, studying psychology and sculpture. He then moved to Siena and eventually to the village of Torano (just outside of Carrara), Italy in 1984. There, he sculpted marble, acted in the local theater scene and began teaching ceramics to youth under a European Union grant. Carrara is famed for its marble quarries and the stone has been used since the time of Ancient Rome and many sculptures of the Renaissance were carved from it (including the work of Michelangelo). In 1991 he met fellow sculptor, Yeon Koh. The two would eventually marry and continue their mutual pursuit of the three dimensional form in marble, bronze, terracotta, wood and plaster. In 1999 they moved to Northern California from Italy. David recently passed and Yeon continues to live in the Bay Area. Many of the pieces in the Lost Art Collection were created during the years living amongst the marble quarries of Carrara and express their “pan-classical” approach to sculpture.  

Oiled Brass Plate 

Good vintage condition with natural wear.