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Portrait of Ethel Weiner
Circa 1930's Oil



Martin Snipper

This circa 1930s oil on linen portrait is by Expressionist painter, mixed media artist, and sculptor Martin Snipper (1914-2008). He studied at the National Academy of Art In New York in the mid 1930s. Snipper moved to San Francisco during WWII to work in the shipyards and held an art studio in North Beach. He became involved in the local art community, befriending artists such as Byron Randall, Emmy Lou Packard, Imogen Cunningham, and Ruth Asawa. He exhibited at the San Francisco Art Museum's (later to become SFMOMA) annual exhibitions during the 1940s. Snipper was Director of the San Francisco Art Festival from the early 1950s until 1967 when he became Director of the San Francisco Arts Commission, a position he would hold until 1980. He went on to be involved with a multitude of community arts programs, such as the Cosmopolitan Music and Arts non-profit and the Neighborhood Arts Program. After the 1960s, Snipper focused his creative energy towards mosaic and marble work. The works in the Lost Art Salon Collection mainly encompass his period studying in New York in the 1930s up through his North Beach studio days in the 1960s.

Circa 1930s
Oil on Linen 
16"x20" unframed

Estate stamped on back. Good vintage condition.