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Gaétan Caron

  • Biography:
    Gaétan’s practice consists of oil paintings, clay, as well as fine art digital photography. Through this variety of mediums, his emotions, spirit and senses relate directly to nature. Many years ago Gaétan chose to live in rural Mendocino in Northern California. His off-the-grid home and art studio are surrounded by forests, mountains and lay in the middle of an heirloom orchard where wild ponies roam freely. When Gaétan is away from home, you could perhaps find him swimming in the calm waters of his favorite lakes in Québec and New Hampshire, sitting at a Parisian café after seeing a fabulous art exhibit, in awe in front of the Pacific Ocean crashing against the black lava on the Big Island of Hawaii or, not so far away, plein-air painting the beaches of the Lost Coast of Mendocino. 

    Gaétan was born in Québec, Canada. He studied Ceramic Art at l’École de Céramique Bonsecours in Montréal. As co-founder of Lost Art Salon in San Francisco, a gallery specializing in the rediscovery of 20th Century Fine Art, Gaétan collects the art of a multitude of artists from that era. He has had numerous exhibitions of his work at Lost Art Salon and other venues in San Francisco and Mendocino County.

    Artist Statement:
    When I create, whether depicting reflections of nature or abstractions of what lays inside of me, I anchor myself in the now. The dialogue with thoughts, feelings and sensations slowly becomes silent. My hands take over. I simply breathe. Brush strokes are applied. Images are captured. Artwork gets created like little miracles.

    My depictions of flowers and blossoms, fruit trees and mountain scenes, forests of madrones and manzanitas, creeks running down into steep valleys, serene and pure water lakes and rivers, golden hills, tropical island paradise, ancient blue oaks, wild animals and their habitat or the Pacific Ocean sculpting the cliffs of the Lost Coast, are all witnesses of Nature connecting with my Spirit.

    Note: Gaétan’s sustainably built home is covered in: 2014 SF Chronicle article “Back to the land” by Anh-Minh Le, Off the Grid Homes, case studies for sustainable living by Lori Ryker; Sunset Magazine November 2008, Kaleidoscope cabin: in the woods of Northern California; and Neverending Story

  • - Photo Material: Nikon D810, 70-200mm, 24-120mm, Micro 60mm

    - All photographs are archival prints on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper signed and titled.

    - Custom framing available upon request – please contact us at our general email, or phone (415) 861-1530 order, please allow at least 14 days for printing, framing and shipping.


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  • About the School of Paris Series:
    This photography series portrays the romanticism of the School of Paris, a very important art period that took place in Paris during the first half of the 20th Century. Via symbols related to art schools, artists’ studios and their lives, this series captures a figuration of the past still very much present in today’s Paris.

    Being from Québec of French descent, I have always been fascinated with Paris. The City of Light was my “Mecca” growing up. And in my early twenties I visited Paris for the first time.

    Modern art (1890-1940) had been born in Paris. Immigrant artists had flocked to Paris to work in tandem with French luminaries and take part in L’École de Paris. Collecting 20th Century artwork at Lost Art Salon, I came across Georgette London Owens, an artist from the second generation of the School of Paris. Georgette inspired me to research and visually document the artistic path of the artists of this period.

    Photographing the chairs, stairways, windows, benches, easels, stools, schools, studios, and cafés where my heroes lived, studied, painted, worked and gathered, gave me a taste of what it would have been like to study art in Paris at that time.

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